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Welcome to the 2022 Mission Hills Grizzly Cross Country  Season!

Official Cross Country Practice Schedule-August-November:

Monday-Friday- Meet on the upper grass fields (student-parking lot area).

3:45-5:45 pm Boys

4:00-6:00 pm Girls

September 2022 XC  Updates and Workouts:

Dana Hills Invitational 9-24

What a great day for racing by our cross country team at Dana Hills! Our Varsity Boys placed 5th overall in the D2 race and our Varsity Girls placed 3rd overall in the D2 Division. Congrats to medal finishers: Jalani 46th Freshman Girls // Joel 9th-Jaeden 36th Varsity Boys // Julia 7th-Anne 10th -Bella 21st-Delaney 32nd-Kylie 48th Varsity Girls         Thanks for all the family support; especially sporting Grizzly XC gear!                     Sorry, Pics are not loading :( 


Valley League Cluster #1 -We need parent volunteers! Our League meet on Friday is at Kit Carson Park

1) On Tuesday, we need parents to drive our Grizzlies to Kit Carson Park to practice and get familiar with the race course. Please respond if you can drive Grizzlies at 4:00 pm and return Grizzlies at 6:00 pm.

2) On Friday, we need 4-6 parent volunteers to assist as course marshals and finish line/chute helpers from 3:45-6:00 pm. 

We will alternate parents during your Grizzly's race.


Grizzly XC Practice for 9/26-10/1: 
Monday 9/26- 3:45 - 5:30 pm Boys // 4:00 -5:45 pm Girls                 -Warm up to Hollandia - Stretch and Drills               -Borden Hill Workout 

Tuesday 9/27- 3:45 - 5:30 pm Boys // 4:00 -5:45 pm Girls 

               -Parent Volunteers to drive Grizzlies to Kit Carson Park for a run on the race course.

Wednesday 9/28 - 3:45 - 5:30 pm Boys // 4:00 -5:45 pm Girls 

                -Track Pacing Workout.

                -Drop down

Thursday 9/29 3:45 - 5:00 pm Boys // 4:00 -5:15 pm Girls  


Friday 9/30 Valley League Cluster Meet #1 at Kit Carson Park, Escondido Races begin at 4:00 pm.

                    -Our Valley League (which means MH, too) will be hosting this meet. 

                    -Our League consists of Escondido, Fallbrook, MH, San Pasqual, Ramona, and Valley Center.

                    -We need 4-6 MH parent volunteers to assist as course marshals and finish line/chute helpers 3:45-6:15 pm.

                   -All Grizzlies will ride the District bus to and from Kit Carson Park. >>Load bus at 12:45 pm and Depart MH at 1:00 pm. 

The Race schedule is as follows (bold times are when our Grizzlies will be racing):

   Cluster 1 at Kit Carson

4:00   Combined JV boys

4:30   Avocado varsity girls

4:55   Valley varsity girls

5:20   Avocado varsity boys

5:40   Valley varsity boys

6:00   Combined JV girls

>>Return to MH on the bus at approximately 6:30 pm. 

Coaches are aware it is homecoming- race fast!

Saturday 10/1 Easy Run 5-30-5

Sunday 10/2 -Recovery Day

Enjoy the week- Go Grizzlies!  

All Workouts to include:Log your workout on a calendar

Warm-up 1m/Stretch/Drills/Cool Down 1mm

Check out our meet schedule link or go to for info- Mission Hills HS

Preparation, Commitment, and Communication will be key in our quest to be the best! Go Grizzlies!

Team Captains:

Anne Tedrow: (760) 621-1529

Joel Ras (808) 780-8869

Go Grizzlies!

For Grizzly XC & Track Team Info-

Please drop an email to

Coach Menchaca at

(760) 505-8442

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